Creavit Life Park is the reflection of Creavit’s social values which is demonstrating the respect and harmony of living together aspect.

As an unique example, Creavit Life Park includes a Zoo, Botanical areas and an Archeological and Ethnographical Museum in 30 decares of open business area. Creavit carefully keeps and cares 1000 animals from 80 different species and hundreds of flowers and plants together with 1311 historical artifacts. Life Park offers the opportunity to observe the importance of preserving natural heritages as well as is making visitors witnessed to its beauty. Life park is open to all nature lovers. Creavit shares its earning with its surrounding community with the help of recycling. BOTANICAL AREA ZOO ARCHEOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY MUSEUM

Zoo and Botanical Area

Creavit shares its production facilities with more than 1000 creatures. Creavit shows that is not hard to live in an environment together with animals freely running around and plants in more than a hundred species as well as 600 employees in love and respect.


Çanakcılar Archeology and Ethnography Museum

Museums are living memories of the societies. Çanakcılar Ethnography and Archeological Museum has been established as a result of vigorous efforts of Dear Mithat Çanakcı who is one of Honorary Presidents of Çanakcılar Corporate Group. The Museum serves within private museums statue of Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Creavit is proud to share life park with society and invites everyone who wishes to invest their memories. Creavit Life Park is open to all visitors in weekdays in the daytime and free of charge.


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