Bathroom Ideas

Elata Combination

The Elata bathroom furniture set brings functionality and elegance together, creating useful living spaces in new generation bathrooms with its solid counter and functional storage areas.
Drop Combination
With a design inspired by water drops, Drop brings serenity and nature to life in bathrooms
Ante Combination
One of Creavit’s modern anthracite bathrooms, Ante exceeds expectations with its minimal, distinctive lines, and illuminated drawer.
Piano Combination
Noble black meets Creavit’s harmonious designs in the Piano furniture set, one of the essential decoration choices for striking bathrooms.
Link Combination
As one of Creavit’s modern bathroom furniture sets, Link is an ideal choice for new generation bathrooms with simple lines and several color combinations.
Mask Combination
One of Creavit’s premium series created for large bathrooms, Mask is the new symbol of elegance and style with its design and details.
Free Combination
Free is a practical combination choice and is suitable for every bathroom.
Epic Combination
Modern design meets Creavit’s quality and functionality in Epic, adding value to the bathroom with its plain and clear lines.
Mass Combination
The Mass furniture set appeals to those who love dark colors in their bathrooms. It is an alternative for all bathrooms, whether narrow or wide.
Zeon Combination
The Creavit Zeon combination appeals to
those who wish to decorate their bathroom in
a modern style with three different color
Antik Combination
Boasting a nostalgic and elegant look,
the Creavit Antik combination dazzles
those who go for classic bathrooms.
Pion Combination
Creavit’s Pion set brings the harmony of white
and natural wood into bathrooms with its
modern lines.
Angel Combination
The Angel bathroom furniture set
symbolizes innovation and
simplicity with its modern colors
and design.
Intenso Combination
The Intenso bathroom furniture
set introduces an extraordinary
approach to bathroom
decoration with Creavit’s next
generation dimensional design.
Legno Combination
Creavit’s Pion set brings the harmony of
white and natural wood into bathrooms
with its modern lines.
Foglia Combination
Designed by Defne Koz for Creavit. The palm…
A drop of water on a leaf… Lotus leaves on a
lake… A refined bathroom furniture series
inspired by delicate natural surfaces that
elevates water instead of boxing it up.The
Legno combination brings the voguish
Scandinavian style into your bathrooms with
the modern harmony of natural wood, metal
and ceramic.
Giza Combination
Combining modern and classic, Giza offers an
ideal alternative to those who ask for timeless
and classic bathrooms.
Creta Combination
One of Creavit's modern
combinations, Creta features the
purity of white with details in black
to make bathrooms look spacious.
Pion Plus Combination
The golden rule of adapting to city life is being
able to use small areas effectively without
compromising on comfort... The Pion Plus
bathroom furniture reflects modern city life into
your bathrooms.
Flat Combination
One of Creavit’s premium bathroom
furniture sets, Flat offers iconic
products for modern bathrooms.

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