Everything You Need
is Near at Hand

Elata, the newest bathroom furniture of Creavit, brings together elegance with functionality, creates useful living spaces in new generation bathrooms with its solid counter and featured storage areas.
Special storage areas
for personal belongings
The drawer in the bottom module of Elata; It offers a special storage area for items that are problematic to store in the bathroom, such as hairdryers, hair brushes and curlers. Items that can be placed vertically can be easily removed from its special compartment and are always at hand. In addition, the cabinet area in the lower module offers a practical storage space for your other belongings thanks to its large internal volume.
Stylish and useful
Elata's solid countertop adds a stylish look to the bathroom as well as its long-lasting use. Etagere, where everyday items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste are placed, also functions as a towel holder. The large touch LED illuminated mirror illuminates the environment with a single touch when more light is needed.


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