Wider And More Comfortable

If the standard size pans are not suitable for your body structure and do not meet your needs, Creavit Grande pan with 6 cm wider size is just for you.
XL Pan
Comfortable and stylish

Grande pan, which provides a comfortable bathroom experience with a large seating area of 42 cm, offers ease of use with its soft-closing pan cover. Despite its large size, it adds elegance to the bathrooms with its elegant design.

With its 6 cm wider design than standard pans, the Grande pan that brings comfort to the bathroom for those with special needs makes life easier with its functionality.

Barış S.
Basketball Player
Barış is a professional basketball player. He is quite tall and body-built. Barış uses Grande Closet, which provides a comfortable experience, as it is suitable for body measurements.
Sema O.
Sema, helps those who have weight problems and want to eat healthy. Sema preferred the Grande XL pan to offer the patients the comfort they needed.
Begüm Z.
Begüm is 4 months pregnant. Begüm wanted her toilet to be wider and more comfortable during her pregnancy. She preferred Creavit Grande XL pan.

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