For over 50 years, Creavit has been creating diversified bathroom product lines, primarily ceramic sanitary wares. Now as hygiene becomes the top priority, it continues to provide solutions to constantly evolving and developing expectations with technological innovations for the bathroom.

Resurfacing scientific evidence relating to water usage after pan use has become increasingly significant and has led to increased global interest in products with bidet faucets. Creavit stands out in this category with its integrated bidet faucet technology, featuring adjustable cold and hot-cold water.

Creavit’s rimless pan technology Rim-Off minimizes hard-to-reach surfaces on pan bowls, preventing bacterial growth by leaving no surface inaccessible inside.

Additionally, with Creavit’s single-action removable pan covers, all surfaces can be easily cleaned. Creavit recommends the use of pan covers made from antibacterial duroplast, as they are typically the most touched bathroom surfaces.

Creavit emphasizes that hygiene is vital in the bathroom, which calls for good pan hygiene. A key part of its product line, Creavit wall-hung pan enjoys an ever-growing popularity. Its wall-hung body floating above the ground allows for thorough cleaning of all surfaces.

Creavit helps reduce bacteria formation by 99 percent on ceramic surfaces thanks to its special Creavit hygiene technology, which is used in glazing and approved by independent organizations, including the Turkish Standards Institution.

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