More than a
shower system

Ocean Shower System, which offers everything needed in a shower together, integrates shower-towel holder and control panel with thermostatic button, multiplying the pleasure of shower. With its stylish design and durable structure, the bathrooms have the privilege of Creavit.

No lime, uninterrupted shower pleasure

Ocean Shower System provides uninterrupted showering pleasure for many years thanks to special anti-calcification mechanism in hand and overhead shower.

Water from all angles

You can experience the relaxing effect of water in every aspect with Ocean's 150 cm long 2-function hand shower which creates the effect of taking a shower under the waterfall with its large square top shower head.

Everything you need
is at hand

It provides comfort for your shower pleasure with a special area reserved for personal care items such as shower gel, shampoo and easily accessible at any time.

The shower experience
at your fingertips

Ocean allows you to choose between overhead shower and hand shower, or simply use both at the touch of a button.

The perfect balance
between hot and cold with an
innovative idea

Providing the possibility of adjusting the water temperature with the thermostatic armature, Ocean ensures that the water is kept constant at the desired temperature throughout the shower.

Water. Wherever
you want.

With its built-in shower outlet, it provides comfortable use for your different needs.


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