A pleasant - aesthetic - saving
combination with water
Creavit faucet series, which meet different expectations and needs, add aesthetics, health and savings to living spaces.
Elegance within your reach
The Bevel Faucet Series bring a modern design and comfort to every corner of your home.
Achieve elegance
The Bevel faucet, which makes its stylish design accessible, adds Creavit privilege to every corner of the house from the kitchen to the bathroom with its modern lines and durable structure.
Water-driving design
The Bevel movable kitchen faucet is provides ease of use and direct control over the flow of water.
Clean details
Bevel’s all-brass body preserves the taste, smell and color of water. Its components were handpicked to provide water in the most natural way.
Great convenience in a compact size
The Slope washbasin faucet is designed by Creavit to provide the perfect quality of water, thanks to its curved structure.
Life-enhancing curve
Due to its curved structure, the tip is positioned level with the water outlet. This helps maximize efficiency from washbasins and flowing water during.
Quick-remove aerator
The Slope washbasin faucet features an aerator that can be easily removed for cleaning using a single coin. It prevents clogging in the aerator caused by hard water.
No contact, only hygiene
In a new era in which hygiene and distancing have become a priority, Creavit offers a touch-free and healthy experience with photocell products for all wet spaces, personal or public.
The safest way to reach water
With superior motion detection technology, Creavit’s photocell faucets provide safe use by minimizing contact in both personal and public areas.
Suitable for every need
Photocell faucets come in a range of models and outlet lengths, and are available with single or double water inlets.
A colorful world in the bathroom
Offering the opportunity to personalize living spaces with different color alternatives, Sharp armatures offer solutions to your needs in all wet areas from bathroom to kitchen with a wide range of models.
Many colors, many choices
Sharp fixtures, which have many different color options such as chrome, gold, red, matte black and rose gold, provide a pleasant experience with their use as well as their appearance.
The easy way to save water
Creavit City series, consisting of washbasin, bathroom and kitchen faucet, contributes to water saving with its two-stage cartridge.
Water saving with 2-stage cartridge
Today, when our water resources are exhausted and conscious water consumption has become very important, Creavit allows the use of water in a controlled manner with the two-stage cartridge used in City series faucets. City faucets, which have a water flow capacity of 5 liters in the first stage and 8 liters in the second level, make it easy to use water according to need.
Stylish and useful
City faucets made of 100% brass can be used safely for many years. Thanks to its easily removed aerators, blockages caused by lime accumulation in the aerator are prevented in hard water.

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