Creavit, who received the value of the design process, was awarded with the A'Design Award, one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, with the "Ducky Kids Bath Series" designed specifically for children.

Creavit, which joined the 22nd A'Design Award'a designers Mehmet Oğuz and Fatih Şen's designs "Ducky Kids Series", added an award-winning design to its products that make life easier and prominent with its functionality.

Moving design work from 7 to 70 to raise the standards of life for all age group users, Creavit designed the "Ducky Kids Bathing Suit Series" to help our little friends train their toilet. Creavit has already signaled that it will be highly acclaimed by parents and tiny users in the near future, while this thoughtful approach to Creavit, which combines toilet training with play, is crowned by the A'Design Award.

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