The Creavit design team, looking for the traces of the industrial revolution in the changing lifestyle of the 19th century, designed the Arya sink module by blending it with the modern living conditions of the present. The Arya design, which brings modern and useful solutions to narrow spaces, has gained applause from users who do not want to waive their aesthetics and functionality while saving space.

The Arya bath module rack made from stainless steel offers a different arrangement for users who think "everything is in front of you" with the shelf feature. The integrated wardrobe in the module removes the need for extra towel accessories in tight spaces. The aesthetic grids on the sink module reduce the need for large worktops. The gutters serving as soap dispensers serve as a mini countertop where personal items can be put into the bathrooms for removing soap from the bathing space for extra soap use in the bathrooms.

Creavit's Arya washbasin module, which reveals the difference to bring comfort and aesthetics to the bathrooms, is also appreciated by its functionality.

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