Creavit's Award-winning Armatures

With the award-winning Straw and Smooth at the A'Design Award & Competetion, their living space meets the aesthetics and functionality of special designs.

Creavit continues to change the flavor of its bathrooms with two award-winning products from A'Design Award & Competetion, which is designed to promote and reward the most successful designs, designers and design-oriented companies.

Straw and Silver, which won the Golden Award for Bathroom Furniture and Materials in the A'Design Award & Competetion, one of the world's greatest design competitions and followed closely by the international design community. Smooth is awarded with the award for its functionality as well as its stylish appearance that reflects its differences. These luminaires, which have user-friendly designs with long-life ceramic disk cartridges and rotary boring, turn the bathrooms into pleasant and convenient spaces.

Foundations Located in the Çanakcilar Group of Companies in Zonguldak in 1960, Creavit delivers quality and product standards to consumers both in Turkey and in many countries of the world. Adopting an innovative perspective, Creavit works with an understanding of designing its products as durability and durability, as well as keeping the customer satisfaction ahead of schedule in the production process and during the marketing phase. Creavit, which has achieved a new success in its mission to add value to its bathrooms with its award-winning armatures, will continue to design special bathrooms with the slogan 'bathroom is on this side'.

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