How did we pass 2016, what will be our 2017 vision?

In 2014, Creavit was our motto ott A brand new start to a new day Cre. For this reason, we have completed 2016 with 55 new series. We carry out continuous research to provide functional and aesthetic baths for everyone from seven to seventy and we develop our production in this direction. We design our design line on current trends and shape them with consumer expectations and differentiating lifestyles. We focus on bringing the innovative products to the consumers by combining our 50 years of industry experience with the expectations of our users and the experiences of our designers.

2016 was a difficult year for everyone. In spite of everything, we continued our investments in both production, product range and human. Because we believe that investment is an important indicator that shows its effectiveness in the market, its belief in the future, its development, its harmony with technology and changing-developing trends. In 2017, we foresee continuous development and change. In line with the demands of the consumer, we produce high-quality products that can meet different needs and we will be raising our bars every day. As in 2016, we will continue to be among the first brands to be preferred in the market this year and to improve our market share. We are one of the companies within the scope of Turquality. In this sense, we continue to invest in quantitative and qualitative investments in the area of ​​exports. As in Turkey, this year, we will be presenting our design-oriented production approach in many exhibitions abroad. When we look at the production technologies, we are making investments in automation, but we never forget the key role of the technology, casting machines, glazing robots, automatic packaging systems, and the human factor and the lack of substitution for us.

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Çanakcilar Ceramic Co. Inc. / Creavit Chairman of the Board

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