Master Seminars

With the awareness of the importance of education, work quality and efficiency, we start our olduğ Master Information Meetings verimli in April, as we did last year, with more than 1000 sector masters all over the country and we will share technical details about our product range. We aim to reach more than 1000 sector masters with 14 seminars that we will perform in 4 different cities in Istanbul, Europe and Anatolia and 2 in Izmir, Ankara, Samsun, Adana and Zonguldak.

With these meetings, our products, including sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, built-in reservoirs, armature and metal accessories, and new designs added to our collection, are made easier by the practitioners with these meetings and we offer solutions to common problems and common mistakes in the industry.

After the presentations, more detailed information about the topics asked by the question-answer technique is given, and the suggestions for improvement on our products are also heard from the professionals in the field, and we share the suggestions with the relevant departments. After the meetings, we keep in touch with the craftsmen and ensure that they have an up-to-date knowledge about the changes and innovations in our product groups.

After our 3-hour meeting, we say goodbye to our participants with a nice meal and small gifts.

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