New Stilo Armature Series from Creavit!

Creavit Stilo armature series of users wishing to make a difference in the bathrooms with stylish eyes meet the users in a modern line created in combination with vivid colors of white color.

"How are they both alive and harmonious in the baths? "The crew of the Creavit Stilo series, which shows the size as the answer to the question, can be changed to suit the taste of the user in the colors. Products with blue, purple, gray and black silicone blink options are also available with a ceramic disc cartridge for long-lasting use. It features hot and cold water adjustment with the series of playable control arms designed as bathroom and washbasin armatures.

Creavit's newly introduced dynamic and colorful product range includes decorations that make a difference but with little touch for users who want to constantly change. A blue towel that you can use with a blue silicone sheath, a cute purple-pink artificial flower on the side of your counter that you can use with a purple silicone sheath, and a black soap with a black sheath zipper will allow you to change the atmosphere of the canyon with small touches.

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