The Art of Solitaire from Creavit; Art Bathroom Cabinet

Creavit, a magician who transforms bathrooms into artworks, reinterprets the modernity of the classics with simplicity and elegance with Art Bathroom Furnishings. The full pull-down drawer, with LED light resembling a table, has a wide sub-module and the same minimalist lines as the wicker. Creavit combines the Art Bathroom Furniture with the Creavit Gold Series in a harmonious blend, bringing different styles together in a distant sense of space.

The Creavit Gold Series offers a simple elegance to the user with its practical and comfortable designs as well as impressive visuals of modern lines decorated with gold color. The Drop Gold Color Control Panel, which is designed with the inspiration of a succulent drop, catches a very thin form on the outer surface and completes the chic in the bathrooms. The bathroom The Golden Color Hanging Closet, which changes the air of aesthetics and changes the air of the bathrooms and who wants to save the floor space in the bathroom by mounting the wall, is one of the indispensables of modern bathrooms with its functional and comfortable structure. Working to create a world of innovative and aesthetically pleasing creations, Creavit is opening up the doors of a stylish and modern world with its Golden Color Neo Accessories and Avangard Armature, which allow wonders to be created in the bathrooms with small touches.

Creavit users who want to see the flawless beauties of a new perspective in Banyos and pursue perfect harmony in an innovative and aesthetic world; Discovering the harmony of aesthetics and emotions in a modern, colorful world that breaks down.

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