“High quality product; produced in superior technology, expert staff and production facilities with world standards ” In line with this understanding, Creavit has fulfilled all the technological and infrastructure requirements and has set quality and sustainability as a priority at every stage of this production process.

With the processes managed completely in the digital environment, the steps that form the basis of production, from design to mold creation, are taken with current design programs and the most advanced CNC technologies.

Superior quality products are obtained with the world's leading tunnel oven manufacturer Riedhammer brand, heat recycling system and environmentally friendly 111 meter long tunnel oven and 1 Bricesco oven.

Italian Sacmi and Gaiotto brands, one of the leading companies of the world in ceramic sanitary ware production technologies, provide automation in production with 5 glazing robots.

The conversion of the raw material to the product is provided by Italian Sacmi and Turkish Ukcast 19 pressure casting machines with computer control and automatic system.

The heat produced during power generation with gas, using hot water to obtain, by conversion back to the production technology incorporating, the first brand first converting waste heat into energy in Turkey.

Thanks to the technological equipments that are constantly updated with new investments, those who do their job passionately and try to add value to the lives of people, all Creavit products are safely used all over the world. 

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