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We research, design, and develop for you.


We’ve been increasing our R&D budget and updating our technology systems to provide our consumers with the most comfortable bathroom experience while prioritizing a sustainable environment. We explore the changing perceptions of comfort and design products to address common needs. We monitor the activities of global technology platforms to maintain our strong standing in the international markets and update our R&D strategies, so our products reflect the spirit of the times.


By analyzing society’s needs and likes to adjust our products to the changing market conditions and improve the quality of living, our R&D department highlighted our care for nature and made us the first company to save energy with perforated bore grids, which are used all around the world. Motivated by our many innovations in the vitrification industry, we increased our R&D investments in a corresponding structure with our corporate goals. We test our products at all stages until they reach the final user and create a dedicated database for necessary adjustments. We minimize the error margin in production and use it to save time, energy, and natural resources.


We actively incorporate industrial design in our manufacturing and test processes to develop environmentally and user-friendly technologies, our main priority in manufacturing. This allows us to create aesthetic, functional, and customized products and strengthen our leading position in bathroom innovation.

We are proud to be your solution partner in your bathroom through our strong R&D capacity that enables us to address bathroom needs from a holistic and innovative perspective and expand your comfort zone.